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Our American Imports

Because we never allow lack of imagination to limit our thinking, importing American Collies was a decision we made with ease, refusing to be stifled by past trends. In order to progress, we need to be innovative and brave, and this has been a great strength of Vedamea Collies.

We drew inspiration from the quality inherent in American Collies and subsequently imported four American Collies. All our imports were certified CEA/PRA/HD free.

Since then, we have been exhilarated to see so many of our peers following suit, both in Australia and Europe. Like us, they had become frustrated with the inability to progress by importing strictly English bloodlines. It was very inspiring to have Mrs Audrey Chatfield, one of the pillars of the Collie breed from England, judge a speciality show in Australia recently. She awarded a large number of our American/Australian infusions highly, in competition dominated by English Imports and/or their direct descendants, as they confirmed her sincere belief that American Collies have a lot to offer the Collie breed world wide.


Our first two American imports, Rainshade Noblesse Oblige (USA) and Rainshade Sans Souci (USA), were bred by Rainshade Collies, a kennel famed for breeding quality Collies with an emphasis on CEA/PRA/HD free animals. Rainshade Collies have always conformed to the original English breed standard in regard to height restrictions. Our first two imported Collies arrived in Australia from California in 1987. At that time they had to complete a nine months quarantine period, which was both laborious and expensive. However, their contribution proved to be a sound investment in the progression of our breeding program.

Rainshade Nobless Oblige (Imp USA) "Sam" was bred to Vedamea Heir Of Romance after his quarantine was over. This union produced two champions, the notable Ch. Vedamea Rags To Riches and Ch. Vedamea Melody To Record. These two bitches, among others, became the foundation for many of our notable Collies here at Vedamea.

Sam's prepotency and genetic vigour is a constant reminder of his heritage,

which is clearly demonstrated in the lineage he created here at Vedamea.

Rainshade Sans Souci (Imp USA) "Camille", a gorgeous white-factored, tri-factored sable, proved to be a brood bitch par excellence, reliably producing healthy litters numbering ten or more. Among others, she was bred to Ch. Vedamea Freelancer, producing Ch. Vedamea Grand Master C.D.X.

Sam and Camille both lived to about fourteen years young, and neither had a sick day in their lives. FROZEN SEMEN IMPORTED FROM THE U.S.A.

Despite misleading reports in some Australian publications, Vedamea Collies were the FIRST Collie breeders to produce Collies by frozen semen. The sire was Rainshade Marjo Great Spirit (USA) and the dam was Rainshade Sans Souci (Imp USA).

In 1995 our next two imports arrived from Oregon, again from Rainshade Collies. These were Rainshade Continental Drift (Imp USA) "Drifter" and Rainshade Blue In Downunder (Imp USA) "Flair" (pictured below)

Shortly after Drifter's release from quarantine, he bred Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond and produced two Champions from his first litter; Ch. Vedamea Courtin The Blues (Casanova, pictured below), and Ch. Vedamea Herd The Blues (Tylah). Drifter also has pointed grandkids, and is the grandsire of our georgeous white merle, Vedamea In My Ivory Gown (Babe). His latest litter by Vedamea The Crown Jewel (a "Midnight Diamond" litter sister), have just recently hit the show ring.

Drifter is a correctly-coloured blue-merle who never fails to produce lovely coloured blues. His excellent conformation, balance and his true Collie expression combine to compliment that unique Collie temperament.

The infusions of these American and Australian bloodlines have undoubtedly improved the quality of collies in this country, not only for our kennels but, for other professional breeders who have sought to improve their stock.

We will always be grateful to our special friends, Sharon and Jack Vanderlip, for entrusting these quality animals to our care and we know they share our pride in the Rainshade heritage demonstrated by the progeny and success of Sam, Camille, Flair and Drifter.

The standard has been raised, as we envisaged when deciding to import. From a blend of American imports and Australia's best came a source of quality rarely off the winner's pegs!!

...Turning 'Fantasy' into a 'Reality'

Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

14/11/99   Am Ch Fantasy's Fortune In Bronze (USA) x Bonham's Cherished Dream (USA) 



Debbie Holland of the famous "FANTASY COLLIE KENNELS" in Indiana, U.S.A. bred Juliet who boasts a pedigree with credentials more suited to that of Royalty. For example, her Grandsire, Ch. Fantasy Bronze Talisman ROM is the sire of more American Champions than any other Collie in history, and his sire is the top sire in Japan. His dam was the dam of the C.C. of A. National Breed Winner! Further, he holds the record for the past three years as top sire of All Breeds. More importantly, he has been tested for every conceivable genetic disorder the collie breed has had to encounter.

"Juliet" is truly a collie who fills the heart as well as the eye, demonstrating so many of the typical "FANTASY" characteristics. Her exquisite, finely-chiselled head shows definition and detail of profile, and her lovely, dark, almond-shaped eye ensure that 'very sweet expression.' Her correct-fitting coat adorns a well-constructed body, upon four sound legs and superb feet. Combine all of this with her vivacious and confident personality, and you have... CH: FANTASY'S FAIT ACCOMPLI

Still awaiting the arrival of her more formal attire, Juliet made her debut into the Sydney show ring in February 2002. Juliet immediately captivated the judges and ringside alike. Assuming a winning professional demeanour she was quickly on her ascent to her Australian Championship.

With her endless charisma, Juliet wins the affection of all she encounters. This endearing nature has brought her an especially devoted following.

"Juliet" has created a 'new need' for us to look to the past in awe, the present with pride and the future with wonder.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Debbie Holland for having the intuitive wisdom to allow a collie of "Juliet's" qualities to come to Australia and further enhance our gene pool.

"Juliet" was bred to our Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau and puppies were born on "Juliet's" birthday - November 14th 2002. The ENTIRE litter titled early, boasting Multi BEST IN SHOW wins, NATIONAL Specialty RUBIS and class in shows, BEST IN SHOW all breeds win with one going all the way through to his well deserved GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP title.


We may have been the first to import American Collies through our RAINSHADE bloodlines and, in turn, sparked a chain reaction with the importation of numerous American imports in recent times, assuring Australian breeders they can now proudly boast bloodlines from the "cream of AMERICA'S crop," no better than FANTASY!!! 


No doubt, a valued asset to our Australian Collie gene pool...

Undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with!


Our newest arrival...


RUBISS Ch Am Ch Fantasy's North Star (Imp USA)

20/8/06   Am Ch Fantasy's Fortune Hunter (USA) x Am Ch Wayside Sweet Georgia Brown (USA)



'TY’ was a FANTASY that we just had to have…….

Once again we were not out looking to import another “specific” collie from Fantasy, but after spending (3) days in “Fantasy Land” at the 2006 C.C. of A. National, there was no doubt we wanted more "Fantasy" in our lives.

Ty’s correct head properties give him that sweet expression which is brought to us by: Ch. Fantasy’s Fortune Hunter, who has followed in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Brandon. Perfectly balanced and sound in structure dictates Ty moves with a smooth and effortless gait. He loves to show off and has the most wonderful temperament ensuring a smile never leaves his beautiful face! 

We would like to thank his breeder Debbie Holland for allowing us to ‘twist her arm’ & give us this opportunity to bring him down-under. Ty, who had been retained by Fantasy Kennels, was selected not only because he is the “epitome” of collie type, he was also closely linebred to Ch. Fantasy Fait Accompli (Imp USA). 

Whilst awaiting his testing regime, Ty’s outstanding quality and type soon garnered him his US Championship; he then spent his days in Quarantine throwing his coat to the wind. 
‘Ty’ was given time to settle into the Aussie way of life & regrow his coat before hitting our show rings, and his since earned his Australian Championship Title and has sired some outstanding litters; Ty is making his mark on our kennel, and we are positive it is a legacy that will ensure the Vedamea name stays synonymous with "THE BEST!"

Lucky Us. Lucky Australia.

BOB & R/U BIS COLLIE CLUB OF VIC JUNE 2009 Judge Ms L Robbins (USA) Gambit Collies. 

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