Vedamea Collies  

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The Beginning


VEDAMEA Rough Collies was established in 1979. Our foundation stock derived from one of the pillars of the breed in Australia, the deceased Mrs Glady Osborne, breeder of the famous Glendallo Collies.

Our prefix "VEDAMEA" is derived from the names of our first two collies, Adam and Eve.

Our foundation bitch, Cathkin Fullo Charm (Eve - left), was bred to our foundation dog Sherrywood Adam Boy (Adam) and produced Vedamea Dela Delilah. Delilah would prove to be an asset to our breeding program when her daughter Vedamea Heir Of Romance, was bred to our first American Import, Rainshade Noblesse Oblige (USA).

Eve was bred to Ch. Cathkin Private Benjamin and produced our first Champion, Vedamea Freelancer. Eve was then bred to another dog from similar lines, Ch. Kollylock Dark Secret producing Vedamea Secret Tycoon. Freelancer exhibited as an excellent type but lacked in soundness. As a result of this disappointment, we set off around the world in search of Collies that could both correct these problems whilst at the same time conform to our country's breed standard

The Past


Ch. Vedamea Rags To Riches (Rags) was one of two champions from our first litter by Rainshade Noblesse Oblige (USA).

Rags took the show scene by storm, becoming a force to be reckoned with from the first moment she walked into the show ring. This glorious bitch had everything, portraying true Collie type: a picture of overall balance, level top line, correct angulation, exquisite head and expression, effortless movement. These were all expressed as pure electricity in the show ring. Rags began her impressive show career by taking her first challenge at seven months of age amongst a line up of multiple Best In Show winners. At ten months of age, Rags was awarded BEST EXHIBIT IN THE WORKING DOG GROUP at our ROYAL show and Best Puppy In Show the following week, under the renowned Collie Specialist judge, Mrs Lorraine Still of the U.S.A.

Rags proved her worth was not only as a show Collie when she became the foundation of so many notable Vedamea Collies, many of which are featured throughout our web site.

Rags, was bred to Ch. Cncomoy Noble Leige. This union produced the diamonds in our kennels: Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond and Vedamea The Crown Jewel, cementing her position as the cornerstone of our breeding program.

Vedamea Uptown Girl (Breezie) was a result of the combination of Rainshade Noblesse Oblige (USA) and Rainshade Sans Souci (USA). Breezie was nearing her Championship when she met with an accident early in her life, which earned her the position of top house pet and boss of the pack.

Ch. Vedamea Unchained Melody (Symphony) was sired by Ch. Cnocmoy Noble Leige out of Ch. Vedamea Melody To Record. Symphony also garnered many notable wins including Best In Group and numerous In Show awards.

Ch. Vedamea Melody To Record (Melody), a litter sister to Rags, was a member of the Pal Superdog Flyball and Shopping Team. Also a prolific winner, she amassed many notable wins to her credit including Best In Groups and numerous In Show awards. Melody was responsible for putting Kathy Drew of Cathgarry Collies on the map, and was also the dam of CH. Vedamea Unchained Melody.

Ch. Vedamea Grand Master C.D.X. (Apollo), sired by Ch. Vedamea Freelancer out of Rainshade Sans Souci (USA), was truly a GRAND Collie with titles on both ends. Another big winner for Kathy Drew, Apollo excelled both in and out of the show ring. He took his first ROYAL challenge at the tender age of eight months of age and again at the Sydney ROYAL show at three years of age. He reached the pinnacle of his success with Best Exhibit In Show All Breeds. Apollo was also a member of the Pal Super Dog Team, participated in shopping centre teams, Flyball and attained his Obedience titles.

Apollo - a true ambassador for the collie breed!

Another kennel which contributed greatly towards the blending of our American/Australian bloodlines was, the Cnocmoy Kennels through two of their dogs, Ch. Cnocmoy Noble Leige and Ch. Cnocmoy Mr Aristocrat. We selected Ch. Cnocmoy Noble Leige as a stud for no less than five of our bitches bred down from our American imports and also purchased his daughter Clekarn Summer Classique, whose Grandsire was Ch. Cnocmoy Mr Aristocrat.

Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond

Ch Cnocmoy Noble Leige x Ch Vedamea Rags To Riches

Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond (Gemma), our brood bitch par excellence, was a hidden treasure. Gemma is one of those bitches ALL BREEDERS dream about. Gemma never graced the show ring until
she was about two years old and immediately made us proud. She titled quickly and proved her worth was
to be in the whelping box rather than in the show ring. All her breedings have so far produced large,
healthy litters with quality from the first till the last.

Gemma is by Ch: Cnocmoy Noble Leige out of Ch. Vedamea Rags To Riches and is the dam of
Ch. Vedamea Courtin The Blues, Ch. Vedamea Herd The Blues, Ch. Vedamea The Diamond Beau,
and many more quality Collies that have never had the opportunity to grace the show ring. However,
these lovely Collies are proudly owned and loved as companions by people from all over this vast continent.

She has undoubtedly earned her retirement, nominating her daughter "Vedamea Chances Ah"
(Charity) to take her place. She now lives "a life of Riley" watching over her descendants as
they follow down the same path... raising the standard!

Mazarelli Silk Card

13/10/92   Ch Cathkin Ace O Spades x Mazarelli Miss Chief

"Joker" came to live at Vedamea when he was approx. two years old, and immediately became "King of our Castle!" In that time he has given us many years of sheer pleasure as a treasured companion, but just as important, he has passed on his heritage from some of the finest bloodlines in the country. Those bloodlines feature in most all the collies here at Vedamea, and so whilst they live on - "Joker" will never die.

Ch Vedamea My Lead

Mazarelli Silk Card x Vedamea Holly Would

Ch. Vedamea My Lead (Flirt) took her first challenge from the Minor class at just over six months of age under a U.K. judge at the prestigious Spring Fair show. Since then, Flirt has notched up an impressive show record at both All Breeds and Speciality shows. She placed 2nd in a large champion class at Sydney Royal 2001 aged 7 years, and repeated a similar performance at Sydney Royal 2002, placing 6th at the grand age of 8 years!

Flirt was sired by Mazarelli Silk Card out of Vedamea Holly Would, a Rainshade Noblesse Oblige (USA) and Clekarn Summer Classique daughter.

Ch Vedamea Herd The Blues

Rainshade Continental Drift (Imp USA) x Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond

Ch. Vedamea Herd The Blues (Tylah), was also from our first litter by Rainshade Continental Drift (USA) out of Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond. Tylah has been another consistent winner at prestigious shows within metropolitan Sydney. She is a true to type bitch, soundness personified, correctly balanced with plenty of substance, a lovely head and expression, and like her brother Ch. Vedamea Courtin The Blues, she is a lovely Silvery Blue-Merle with rich tan markings.

Vedamea Chances Ah

Rainshade Continental Drift (Imp USA) x Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond

Vedamea Chances Ah (Charity) is welcomed back into our kennels in the prime of her life. Charity has resumed her show career and is already over half way to her title. She will now take over the duties of her dam, Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond, & become our new brood bitch par excellence. Charity is the dam of Vedamea Abeau Ryginal and many other happy healthy Collies that never had the opportunity to grace the show ring.

More Recently


Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau

25/8/97   Mazarelli Silk Card x Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond

Beau is one of our most precious gems here at Vedamea ...

An effortless mover with correct conformation, an exquisite head and expression, and a personality filled with exuberance and style, he has garnered a large fan club.

Sired by Mazarelli Silk Card out of Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond, he has been a consistent winner in the show ring at both Speciality and All Breed shows. Renowned and respected judges, both specialists and all-rounders, from around the globe have bestowed the majority of Beau's coveted honours.

Sydney Royal Easter shows have ensured he is never off the winner's pegs, capturing the ultimate award... Best Of Breed - Sydney Royal 2001!

Enjoying all the comforts here at Vedamea, Beau is shown only very occasionally these days - at the prestigious shows. Contented to watch his progeny "strut their stuff" in the show ring, he is kept busy with an ever "watchful eye" on all the ladies.

Ch Vedamea Courtin The Blues

21/6/96   Rainshade Continental Drift (Imp USA) x Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond

With his effervescent personality, we gladly welcome Cass back into our kennels in the prime of his life! He is a beautifully balanced, correctly coloured blue merle, with a lovely headpiece giving him that correct Collie expression.

Cass is one of two champions from our first litter by Rainshade Continental Drift (USA) out of Ch Vedamea Midnight Diamond.

Cass has many notable wins in his sparse show career including numerous Best In Show All Breeds, & Speciality shows. Also a consistent winner at the Sydney Royal Easter Shows, Cass was never utilised to his full potential, rather becoming much more prominent on the Sydney show circuit. More importantly, & as the sire of our stunning white merle Vedamea In My Ivory Gown, we have been able to incorporate his qualities into our gene pool.

Vedamea In My Ivory Gown

Ch Vedamea Courtin The Blues x Vedamea Bluegrass Gal

Vedamea In My Ivory Gown (Babe) is our White Merle by Ch. Vedamea Courtin The Blues out of Vedamea Bluegrass Gal (a double up of Rainshade Contintenal Drift - USA).

She is an exquisite young lady endowed with elegance and class that captures the heart as well as the eye. Babe also has a personality and temperament to die for. Yet another brood bitch par excellence, she is also an outstanding specimen of the Collie breed, and certified normal eyed. From Babe's last litter of (9) energetic pups - all certified normal eyed - we retained the very promising Vedamea Didgeriblue.

Ch Vedamea Abeau Ryginal

16/12/99   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Vedamea Chances Ah

Rydgie Didge is sired by Ch. Vedamea The Diamond Beau, and his dam is Vedamea Chances Ah. He is a double-up of our "hidden treasure" (Ch. Vedamea Midnight Diamond)... this breeding the result of many years planning, and with a dual purpose! His first breeding to our stunning white merle, Vedamea In My Ivory Gown, produced an outstanding litter...

Some of his show highlights to date saw him place 3rd at the sixth Collie National, receive his first two challenges as a Minor under Collie Specialists, followed up with Minor In Show(s) All Breeds. He won the junior dog class at the 2001 Sydney Royal Show (his litter brother placed 2nd), and this year place 4th in the Intermediate Dog class.

Shown sparingly and not a great lover of the show ring, Rydgie Didge has proved his forté is his siring ability... its as good as you'll get!!

He not only produces bone, substance, effortless movement, balance and profuse coat, but also glorious heads and typical Collie temperament.

Ch Vedamea How Sweet Thou Art

Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Claretash Centrefold

Ch: Vedamea How Sweet Thou Art (Nyobe) is a beautiful bitch that is a thrill to own and a pleasure to show. Nyobe's dam is Claretash Centrefold (Vedamea Fullo Of Action X Vedamea Deal Me In). She is a half sister to Vedamea Abeau Ryginal.

Shown sparingly, Nyobe enjoyed her youth here at Vedamea and has always been up there on the winner's pegs. She was awarded her first Challenge & Best Of Breed from the Puppy Class, completing her championship with many notable wins to her credit. Nyobe was 2nd to the Challenge winning bitch in a large Intermediate Bitch class at her first Sydney Royal Show 2002.

From "Nyobe's" first litter came the lovely bitch Vedamea Art Ov Gold "Peaches," owned by Gail Jones in W.A

Ch Vedamea Art Ov Gold

12/9/02   Ch Lochwynde Legendary (Imp USA) x Ch Vedamea How Sweet Thou Art

"Peaches" was sold to Gail Jones as an (8) week old puppy and has been a consistent winner since she began her show career in W.A. Shown sparingly, "Peaches" took her first Challenge at the Collie Club Speciality Show at the tender age of (6 months), under semi-specialist Mrs. N.Griffen (NSW). "Peaches" has some notable wins to her credit and attained her Championship at the age of three years.

MBISS Grand Ch Vedamea I Spy My Fantasy

14/11/02   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

"Spyder" has seldom been off the winners pegs since he first stepped into the show ring.

"Spyder" attained his Championship on the same day as his dam Ch: Fantasy Fait Accompli (Imp USA), under semi-specialist Mrs. Ann Colleyer. Just to ensure his beautiful dam did not over shadow him on the day he also took Runner Up Best In Group.

At his first Sydney Royal Show in 2004, "Spyder" was Reserve Challenge Dog from the Junior class, again in 2005, he was Best Of Breed - and in 2011, Spyder confirmed his ageless quality by being awarded BEST OF BREED as a 9yr old dog!!!! Like all the "great dogs," Spyder wins are consistent at both All Breeds and Collie Speciality shows, awarded under a variety of judges, both local, and from all parts of the globe!!

More importantly, "Spyder" is following in his sires footsteps, proving not only to be a "winner," but also a "producer!"

MBISS Ch Vedamea Heir Ov Fantasy

14/11/02   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

"Clay," owned by Sue Frankland of Naywe Collies has been another consistent winner in the show ring. At the Canberra Carnival in October 2004, with only the first day of competition completed at this time, "Clay" took Best Of Breed, bringing him VERY close to his championship.

"Clay" was awarded his final points for his title just before his 2nd birthday. To make this achievement even more meaningful, it was awarded by the breed Collie Specialist Mrs. L. Thomas Van-Der-Weide, and to reinforce those final points he was also awarded Intermediate in Group . He is now a multi Best in Specialty show & Runner Up Best in Specialty Show winner!

"Clay" is the 4th pup from this litter to attain his title! 

Ch Vedamea Sheer Fantasy

14/11/02   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

"Flute" is another of those quality bitches who began her assent in the show ring slowly, but consistently! Seldom off the winners pegs "Flute" has nudged all of her siblings along the way taking many of the notable awards. "Flute" was awarded her first Challenge and Runner Up In Show at the Illawarra Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Speciality Show at the tender age of 10 months, under breed specialist Mr.B.Keetley (New Zealand).

In August 2004 at the Dalwood Fetsival in Sydney, "Flute" completed her championship by taking Best Of Breed from her litter brother Ch: Vedamea I Spy My Fantasy, content however to allow him the honour of Runner Up! More recently she won the Australian Bred Class at the Illawarra Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Speciality Show in September 04.

Ch Vedamea Be My Fantasy

14/11/02   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

"Marilyn," like all her siblings, has been a consistent winner in the ring, in fact she has won more Class In Group and/or In Shows that all her siblings combined. Somewhat slower to mature than her litter mates, "Marilyn" has been content to be the "clown" of the litter, knowing only too well that her time will come.

"Marilyn" was awarded Best of Breed, & Best Australian Bred In Show, at the Working Dog Club of NSW Championship Show on May 1st, 2005, which brought her very close to her championship. After another coat drop, her first reappearance in the show ring was at the Illawarra Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club Speciality show on September 11th, 2005, when renown Collie Specialist, Dr. W. Brokken (USA), awarded her the Intermediate Bitch class, whilst her siblings blitzed the Rough awards! A week or so later she picked up "all but two" of the final points for her Championship, only to find the next day her sister "Flute," was entered in her place by mistake!

More importantly, "Marilyn" needed to take time out from the show ring to prepare for her breeding to the handsome Ch: Gadenine High Roller. On November 18th, 2005, they produced a healthy and vibrant litter of six sables, consisting of two 'shaded' sable dogs, and four 'golden' sable bitches.

Proving no fluke, "Marilyn" produced another big healthy litter in 2009 to the handsome rich sable son of our own Ch Am Ch Fantasy's North Star (Imp USA), namely Vedamea Billion Heir, who was taken from this world far too soon. That union produced Vedamea Diamond Dior - a MULTI BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW winning bitch, all before she was 2 1/2 years old.

Ch Vedamea Just A Fantasy

14/11/02   Ch Vedamea The Diamond Beau x Ch Fantasy's Fait Accompli (Imp USA)

"Paris," owned by Mim Bester of Baqilodge Collies in Tasmania, Australia. On her first outing she was awarded Best Of Breed, and Intermediate In Group. Paris gained her final points in grand style under Collie Specialist Mr. B. Chambers (Qld), taking out Intermediate in Group to reinforce that fact!

Handled by her most adoring fan Julie Kaden, whose professional handling skills and natural ability to elicit Paris's beauty and radiance captivated the judges and ringside alike. Assuming a winning professional demeanor there was no doubt that they were a winning team and quickly on their ascent to attaining Paris's Championship.

"Paris" produced an exquisite litter of pups to Mim Bester's Ch Corydon Black Zerxes (Imp U.K.). Their son Gr Ch Baqilodge Paid The Piper (Dollar) won  at the 9th Collie National Show in 2007 under Israeli judge Mrs Myrna Shiboleth, and their daughter Ch Baqilodge Picaresque is a Specialty  winner (Collie Club of Vic - Mrs Shelley Bateup). Evidently, "Paris" has MORE than proven herself in the show ring, whelping box and our hearts; she is now retired and see's over the happenings at Baqilodge Collies.

Ch Vedamea Chic As Elle

2/4/04   Gr Ch Vedamea I Spy My Fantasy x Lochwind Artistique

"Portia," like most all of the collies bred here at Vedamea, has taken her time to mature, hence she has graced the show ring rather sparingly to date. She garnered a Best Of Breed from the Puppy class, and then took out Puppy of the Day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Her strongest competition in the show ring is her cousin; Swinbrad Just Do It - aka "Nike," and they have endless fun competing for that first winners peg most weeks!

On reaching maturity we are confident that "Portia" will grow up like the rest of the "family," contributing many qualities traits to our breeding program; at the same time making a name for herself in the show ring.

Robgai DoeRayMe (iid)

14/2/05   Can Ch Prariepines Bon Jovi (Canada) x Can Ch Prariepines From This Moment (Imp Can)

“Middy" has taken that old-fashioned time to mature, but alas the wait has not been in vain! A very pretty bitch that
excels in breed type. She is sound in both mind and body…. possessing all those qualities her heritage is famous for.

"Middy" has not been idle since her last appearance in the show ring. She has produced a quality litter by
Vedamea Fantasy By’ Knight,
and is further occupied with that extremely important task of keeping
all her kennel mates in trim: her speciality being supervisor at meal times!

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